Who are we?

Hopi Chapman is a dutch filmmaker with a Masters degree in Cinema and Television from the University of Amsterdam. He is also the owner of Flow Films, a Brazilian based company, in Porto Alegre, RS. The company has made commercial films and documentaries, since 2007. Among our clients are Volkswagen, Mahindra, ABIEC, the Brazilian Meat Exporters Association, SEBRAE, Castrolanda, Coca Cola, Mumu and other companies. From 2009 on, Flow Films also produced various documentaries about artists like Vera Chaves Barcellos, the Spanish artist Julio Plaza, the Nervo Óptico group and Karin Lambrecht shown on the TV channels Prime Box Brazil, Arte 1, Canal Curta, Justice and Sesc TV, TV Cultura, Futura and TV Brasil.


Flow Films created and produced in 2017 the documentary series Culturando. The documentary That makes me think about poetry on the outskirts of Porto Alegre was selected in 2019 at the III Mostra SESC de Cinema, shown at the Mostra Brasil in Paraty and over 100 other cities in the country.